Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today's Hurricane Workshop (Friday, March 20)

Team Windsor!

Today, we have a modified schedule. Groups will meet in one room from 8:30-10:10 to work on expedition research.

212 - Red
213 - Green 
214 - Yellow 
215 - Blue

Here are the steps we'll follow:

1) Complete Case Study Research: Economic Impacts of Hurricane Katrina
    • Students read Hurricane Katrina (A True Book) p. 25-41 and highlight.
    • Add “Impacts” to their T-chart from Lesson #3.
    • DUE DATE: End of the day - Friday -> Mr. Shaddox's Basket

2) Complete "Tracking the Hurricane" Activity
Use Mr. Payne's Portaportal

  • Your map must have a title
  • Include a key for the strength of the storm
  • The track of your storm must be in color.  These are the colors you must use:
  1. Tropical Depression     Light Blue
  2. Tropical storm             Green
  3. Category 1              Yellow
  4. Category 2              Orange
  5. Category 3              Red
  6. Category 4              Purple
  7. Category 5              Brown
  • Take your time. This will be used for your video.

3) Continue researching your hurricane
- Use note-catcher from visit to Maine Historical Society

Here's the document template:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Tuesday's Field Work Schedule & Classwork

Tuesday’s Field Work Schedule
  1. Crew - 8:25-9:10
  2. Get Into Rooms - 9:10-9:30
Mixed Groups
  • Red - 212
  • Yellow - 213
  • Blue - 214
3) Field Work
Depart Duration of stay (Chaperones & teachers)
9:30    10-11 (Mr. Payne & Mrs. MacDonald)
10:30    11-12 (Mrs. DiBella & Mr. Shaddox)
11:30    12-1 (Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Porensky)

Students will use a note catcher like this to organize their notes during field work.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Tuesday's Classwork
DIRECTIONS: When students are back at King Middle (before or after the visit to the Maine Historical Society Museum) they can work on the following classwork.

All Classes
Finish any work for your classes that is OVERDUE:
Examples: Greek Brochure, Movie Storyboard, Odyssey Packet, math packets, etc.

Language Arts
1) Create a thank you card for the Eastern Mountain Slope Inn thanking them for their hospitality during our stay. Please make sure your spelling is correct and that you have decorated it in some way.

2) Ulysses argument planning- Complete the green sheet for Mrs. MacDonald on The Adventures of Ulysses. You will need a book for this activity. Have someone from your group go to room 213 to pick up 15 or 20 books.

Social Studies

  1. Students read Hurricane Katrina (A True Book) p. 25-41.
  2. Highlight Environmental and Economic Impacts.
  3. Add “Impacts” to T-chart from Lesson (Get a handout from your teacher).
  4. DUE DATE: End of the day - Friday -> Mr. Shaddox's Basket



Students to find the coordinates of their storm and  track it on the map- track of storm can be found on my portaportal-weather.  Using  latitude and longitude